Small Business Restructuring

A Small Business Restructure (SBR) is a process where a company can appoint a Restructuring Practitioner (who must be a Registered Liquidator) to assist with putting forward a restructuring plan to creditors, where creditors are offered a compromise of their debts – often at less than 100 cents in the dollar. If successful, creditor claims are compromised (reduced), and your business can continue to trade.

During the SBR process directors retain control of the business, property and affairs of their company while the restructuring plan is formulated. Traditionally in other forms of insolvency, control is handed over to a liquidator or administrator, which added to the cost of the process.

There are no creditors meetings or lengthy creditor reports in an SBR, which means it can be a more cost-effective option for small businesses, and creditors are generally prevented from taking any action against you, which could be the breathing space you need to get back on track.

For more information please read our SBR Fact Sheet.

The team at Smith Hancock has extensive experience in assisting small businesses to develop a restructuring plan - contact us for a confidential discussion today and we can work through your options sooner rather than later.  

See below how we have helped other businesses.


Smith Hancock SBR Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Builder and residential repairer


  • Company commenced trading in 2016
  • Affected by COVID
  • Total debts circa $220,000

Restructuring Plan Proposed

  • Contributions of $62,600 from company's director and future profits
  • Return of 22c/$ to creditors
  • Plan to be completed over 19 months


  • 100% of creditors accepted th eplan
  • Debt saving of circa #150,000
  • Company's future secured


Case Study 2 - Wet and dry crane hire business


  • Commenced trading in 2011
  • Affected by COVID
  • Total debts circa $450,000
  • DPN issued by the ATO

Restructuring Plan Proposed

  • Contributions of $105,000 from related party
  • Return of 20c/$ to creditors
  • Plan completed within two months of being accepted by creditors


  • 100% of creditors accepted plan
  • Debt saving of circa $360,000
  • Directors not made personally liable for the ATO debt
  • Company's future secured


Case Study 3 - Health care provider to people with disabilities


  • Commenced trading in 2017
  • Affected by COVID
  • Total debts circa $875,000

Restructing Plan Proposed

  • Contributions of $216,000 from future profits
  • Contributions to be paid over 10 months
  • Proposed return of 22c/$ to creditors


  • Creditors accepted the plan
  • Debt saving of circa $680,000
  • Disability support services can continue for the community

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